About Us

Zhejiang Xinghuali Fiber Co., Ltd. is located in Huashe Street Industrial Zoon Shaoxing county,Zhejiang provice,Near ShangHai city.  is in neighborhood with Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and China Textile City. Now, our total assets are more than 1 billion RMB and there are over 150,000 equare meter. 
We mainly supply polyester yarns, DTY, Air covered spandex yarn ,Cationic DTY ,TBR DTY,DDB yarn,and  special yarn.
Our company has a production capacity of DTY 60,000MT, Air covered spandex yarn  300,000MT per year. 
All our production are direct spinning filament yarn.We provide the stable product lots, reasonable prices, timely delivery as well as high quality service.

Hope to establish good business relationships with you for mutual benefits.

Main products or services
1,Air Covered Spandex yarn,DDB Black Air covered spandex.

75D36F+40,75D72F+40D,100D+40,150D+40,200D+40,250D+40,300D+40 and other specail items.

Air covered yarn,150D144F+40D RW,150D144F+40D DDB,150D144F+70D RW,150D144F+70D DDB,

150D96F+40D RW,150D96F+40D DDB,200D144F+40D RW,200D144F+40D DDB,200D144F+70D RW

200D144F+70D DDB

2.Fashin yarn,Special yarn

Linen like yarn 50D72F,75D72F,100D96F,150D96F,300D96F,300D192F,
3,CD yarn,main items are 75D36F,75D48F,100D36F,150D48F,200D96F,300D144F.
4,DTY yarn.main items are 50D36F,7D36F,75D48F,100D36F,100D72F,100D144F SIM,108D72F,118D72,150D48F,150D96F,150D144F,150D288F,200D96F,250D96F,300D96F,and other items.

5,The TBR yarn for Blanket and other fabric,main items are TBR 150D/48F,TBR 200D96F,TBR 250D96F,TBR 300D96F,TBR 300D144F,TBR 300D144F,and TBR 450D192,TBR 600D192F,and so on.
We consider the friendship and qulity is first,welcome you are coming.

Business Areas

Main products or services
1,Air Covered Spandex yarn,DDB Black Air covered spandex.main items are 75D+20,75D+40,100D+40,150D+40,200D+40,250D+40,300D+40 and other specail items.

2,The TBR yarn for Blanket and other fabric,main items are TBR 150D/48F,TBR 200D96F,TBR 250D96F,TBR 300D96F,TBR 300D144F,TBR 300D144F,and TBR 450D192,TBR 600D192F,and so on.

3,machine twist spandex,main items is 70Dnylon+20D,70Dnylon+40D,100Dnylon+40D,140Dnylon+40D,阳离子cd 75D/36F+40D and other items.

4,CD yarn,main items are 75D36F,75D48F,100D36F,150D48F,200D96F,300D144F.

5,DTY yarn.main items are 50D36F,7D36F,75D48F,100D36F,100D72F,100D144F SIM,108D72F,118D72,150D48F,150D96F,150D144F,150D288F,200D96F,250D96F,300D96F,and other items.

 We consider the friendship and qulity is first,welcome you are coming.

Plant and Equipment
Contact: Mr.Du (General Manager) 

Mobile: 0086-15990129588


wechat: 0086-15990129588

whatsapp: 0086-15990129588

Address: Huashe Street Keqiao Shaoxing City Zhejiang China.


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